With a reputation for producing the world’s most revered tequila, the Beckmann family hold over eight generations of experience in developing 100% blue agave tequila. Sesión is crafted with a dynasty of heritage and knowledge – and a commitment to unrivaled taste.

The Beckmann distillery sits amidst the Tierra de Agaves (Land of Agaves) and is nested in the heart of a blue agave estate. The region was listed in 2006 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site due to the beauty of the landscape, the authenticity of its ancient distilleries and the traditions of its people.

The process of Growing, Harvesting, Cooking, Pressing, Fermenting, Distilling, Ageing and Bottling takes place under the direction of master distiller, Francisco Quijano and master agave farmer, Jose Fernandez.

Session Blanco Tequila

For the discerning tequila drinker who knows the difference, Sesión Blanco Tequila has a distinctive taste. A smooth mouth feel with a dash of tequila, enjoy a touch of spice at the end of each sip.

A creamy vegetal nose, with green peppers, grass and a faint hint of green pineapple. On the palate; a robust mineral start, finishing with a long light spiced finish with elements of white pepper.

Session Reposado Tequila

To be enjoyed as a sessional drink that can take you throughout the entire evening, Sesión Reposado provides a smoothness in mouth feel and flavour, with no hint of burn.

Containing aromas of butterscotch, green banana and gingerbread with touches of cooked agave, the vanilla and baked orchard fruits deliver a long warm spiced finish in the mouth.

Sesion Mocha Tequila

A dessert sensation! Taste the chocolate straight away and feel the essence of coffee, with a smooth, creamy mouth feel.

On the nose, experience chocolate fondant, biscuits, bread dough and dark roasted coffee with a roasted agave note. A creamy mouth-feel with chocolate, and cold brew coffee on the palate provides a sweet finish.

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