Mancino Vermouth

Mancino Secco 18% 750ml

Infused with 19 botanicals on a Tebbiano si Romagna wine base. Nose of Mediterranean herbs with delicate aromas of lemongrass and Iris. Flavours of pimento and nutmeg on the palate with a subtle citrus finish. Super dry and perfect for a dry gin martini

Mancino Bianco 16% 750ml
Infused with 37 botanicals also on a Tebbiano si Romagna wine base. Floral alpine nose of angelica, chamomile, elderflower and mint. Sweet orange and grapefruit on the palate finishing on cardamom, liquorice and quinine. Ideal for a vespa, on the rocks or just a few splashes in a G&T

Mancino Rosso 16% 750ml
Infused with 38 botanicals which are used for Amaro, and natural spirits of Tribbiano wine base. Flavours of vanilla, rhubarb, juniper, toasted wood, clove, cinnamon and dry orange. Remarkably well balanced with a bittersweet medicinal finish

Mancino Chinato 17.5% 500ml
Giancarlo’s hybrid of the three Mancino Vermouths, Secco, Bianco and Rosso centered on Erede di Chiappone Armando Barbera d’Asti D.O.C.G, with added pure quinine bark Calissaja, has roused a new tier of Vermouth. With the instinctive grand recognition of Mancino, it lingers on a rich, deep, red, bitter wine pallet, tailoring the Chinato a notable digestive/aperitif. Serve chilled or warmed.

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