Artemis Gin

Artemis Distilled Australian Gin is juniper forward, classic London dry style, complimented by a few local botanicals and our namesake, Artemisia.  It is spicy, savoury, with a kick of citrus and a long finish with clove, nutmeg and ginger.  It is bottled at 44% alcohol, a little above the usual strength, to give the botanicals a little extra punch.  Artemis Gin is perfect in a G&T, sings when combined with Vermouth, which also gets its name from Artemisia, in a Dry Martini or Negroni, and the spices shine when paired with citrus in cocktails like the White Lady or Southside.

Derv left bartending to become a Scientist and like the rest of her scientific breed she enjoys mucking about with things to see how they work. This means making amazing gin by exploring the science of flavour.

Seb has spent his entire working life in the liquor industry. He has condensed all his skills to become the the house distiller at The Craft & Co, where he runs experimental distillations and collaborations.  The temptation to make his own Gin was irresistible.

Derv and Seb bring complimentary ways of thinking to crafting their gin; history, cocktails and science. Over the last few months Derv and Seb have been running micro-distillations in the front window at the Craft & Co, using the scientific method to refine the recipe from a shared inspiration, to a list of ingredients.

Artemis gin is not a traditional structure, we’re building a sustainable and resilient small business that means we can concentrate on what we love, creating the very best gin possible.

Taste, tell us what you think, and share Artemis Gin with friends!

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